Best Bluetooth Headsets for Truckers 2020

best Bluetooth headsets for truckers

When you are on working or on business, to pick your phone frequently makes you in hassle. It would be a clever way to use a Bluetooth headset to pick your phone over the phone. It can keep you flexible in your working and at the same time ready to pick any call easily.

If you are a trucker, the stated situation is very familiar to you. We are here to introduce some of the best Bluetooth headsets for truckers. We create this list depending on the customer’s reviews, expert suggestions, and important features. Hopefully, you find this writing very helpful.

10 Best Bluetooth Headsets for Truckers 2020

1.    Mpow Pro Trucker Bluetooth Headset

Mpow Pro Trucker Bluetooth Headset/Cell Phone Headset...

Mpow has been known for many years. They have superior quality and amazing features which let them role this industry. This Mpow Pro Trucker Bluetooth Headset is considered as one of the best Bluetooth headsets for truckers. This headset is awesome when you are talking over the phone. Let’s see how amazing features it has.

This Mpow headphone has a superior 4X noise-canceling microphone. It can block out outside and unwanted noise. This is the best part of being the best one for truckers. This mic provides crystal-clear conversations even in a crowded place. It is very lightweight and comfortable. The truckers enjoy enhanced comfort with padded earpad. It ensures long-time hearing hour and conversation experience.

Though it is great for conversation, it doesn’t offer a great frequency for music. But you can hear soft music as it is good for talking over the phone. With only 2 hours charge, you can be talking for 12 hours continuously. At the same time, it is durable enough. So, you can enjoy a long-lasting using experience.


  • Amazing noise isolation system(4X) with the fresh conversation even in a noisy environment
  • Flexible headband with padded earpad
  • Full charge in just 2 hours and give 12 hours continuous talking time
  • Wireless headset and roam range up to 30 feet(Bluetooth)
  • Easy to transport and long-lasting product with 45 days money-back and 18-month warranty


  • Bluetooth connectivity sometimes occur
  • The battery may not back-up fully 12 hours in talking time


2. BlueParrott B450-XT Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headset

BlueParrott B450-XT Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headset...

Trucking is such a profession that takes a lot of rush. All the time, the roads are busy and there is full of vehicles. More rush more noise. That’s why a trucker needs a nice little one headphone. For flexibility Bluetooth headsets are perfect. This BlueParrott B450-XT Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headset has great control. With your voice, you can switch on and off them.

No doubt, BlueParrott B450-XT Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headset is the best Bluetooth headset for truckers. Because it has high definition audio with voice control. With a single full charge, you can talk for over 24 hours. Its speaker frequency response is 20 Hertz to 20 kiloHertz. Its large ear cushion, as well as a padded headband, helps you for lasting comfort.

It is a suggestion from us not to attach the USB cable to a powered USB port. It will cause a problem like you have to reset the headphone. It will need an approximate 3 hours to charge. The microphone frequency range is 150-6800 Hertz. Pick this headset for flexible trucking.


  • Amazing noise cancellation system with Bluetooth headset
  • 24 hours battery backup for per battery charge and the Bluetooth range up to 300 feet
  • Mid-range frequency response(20 hertz -20 kilohertz)
  • More comfortable for use and easy to transport for its lightweight body
  • Charging time almost 3 hours and microphone sensitivity


  • Very sensitive for use because of its lightweight


3. Jabra Motion Bluetooth Mono Headset

Jabra Motion Bluetooth Mono Headset - Retail Packaging...

Though Jabra isn’t very much popular, their product can impress you with their features and functionality. This model named Jabra Motion Bluetooth Mono Headset comes with motion sensor intelligence. That is really an attractive feature for a truck driver, retail worker or any other professional who has to be very busy working.

Jabra Motion Bluetooth Mono Headset features adjustability of volume. Depending on your environment, you can automatically answer your calls when you so hurry. This headset has a power-saving mode to allow longer battery life. For wind-noise protection, it delivers noise-free conversation. It also has Noise Blackout technology. This technology helps to produce clear sound in any environment.

With personalized comfort and height adjustments, this model of headset gives you great flexibility in your daily life. The soft earbud adds long time comfort and the clear sound help to use this headphone for both conversation and music. Make it in your list.


  • Amazing motion sensor intelligence is attached in this device
  • Automatic call receiving system when picked up the headset
  • Mid-range frequency response and long battery life(with saving mood)
  • Internet radio (A2DP), music or GPS streaming multimedia
  • Excellent noise blackout technology used for better sound in any environment and also used Bluetooth connectivity


  • Not an attractive design


4. Plantronics Voyager Legend Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Plantronics Voyager Legend Wireless Bluetooth Headset -...

Plantronics Voyager Legend Wireless Bluetooth Headset is a Bluetooth headset good for voice over and music. It comes with Bluetooth 3 along with wideband audio support. It is compatible with Bluetooth 4 also.  With smart sensor technology, it is an excellent headset for truck drivers.

Plantronics adds their own audio technology which enhances voice clarity. With Bluetooth 3, it is also compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 headsets. It takes a maximum of 90 minutes for a full charge. Their technology senses automatically. When you have any call, it can automatically answer calls.

With all the great features, it has good noise-canceling technology. It can cancel background noise and offer transparent sound quality. However, sometimes the high frequency may fall and make distortion. But other features are good enough for truck drivers.


  • Attractive design with Bluetooth connection (3.0/4.0)
  • Plantronics audio technology used excellent voice cancellation system
  • The smart sensor technology used
  • Amazing voice recognition system with noise cancellation (80 dB of background noise)
  • Water-resistant (protect from rain, sweat and coffee spills)


  • Limited color edition



5. Plantronics VOYAGER-5200-UC

Plantronics VOYAGER-5200-UC (206110-101) Advanced NC...

Plantronics VOYAGER-5200-UC is too much popular and affordable. It is very light and feels easy on-ear. This Plantronics 5200-UC offers a few more interesting features that you want to list them. With more features and flexibility, it comes with a budget-friendly price rate.

5200-UC allows wireless connectivity which can be connected through Bluetooth. It has a range of around 98 ft. It is a behind-the-ear headphone. You get great flexibility while you are driving the truck. Even it has excellent noise-canceling technology. So, over phone conversation in a noisy place, it will deliver you a good sound quality.

The earpiece design of this Bluetooth headphone is good enough. It is soft and comfortable. There is a carrying case in which safe storage when you are driving or traveling. With their 1 year warranty, you can get amazing flexibility and will get a new one if the older is damaged.


  • Wireless connection technology used
  • The amazing noise-canceling system with an attractive design
  • A wireless device with Bluetooth connectivity
  • A budget-friendly device with a 1-year warranty
  • Excellent battery backup and long-time use


  • Limited color edition
  • Very sensitive to use


6. AMINY Bluetooth Headset Compatible with Android

AMINY Bluetooth Headset Compatible with Android 16-Hr...

We pick AMINY Bluetooth Headset which is compatible with Android. It is very much comfortable and outstanding for truck drivers. It offers a secure fit and super clear sound while you are talking. Though this brand isn’t so much famous, they give proper functionality with this model.  They have 3-point supported principle designing this headset.

This headset fits firmly on your ear which is very important for a truck driver. As they are on driving and their hands are busy, proper fit over-ear is important. This headset makes lightweight material to provide safe wearing. The drivers can use them for a long time without pain.


Lastly, this headset has a good capacity to work with any audio device. It offers a super clear voice for talking over the phone. It is also suitable enough for listening to music. But sometimes, it may cause frequency lack when you are listening to the high-level sound.


  • Comes with a comfortable and secure fit for long-time comfort
  • Made of lightweight material to provide safe and cushioned wearing
  • You can enjoy the super clear sound without pain and discomfort
  • Features built-in best chip, HD Microphone to ensure good sound quality
  • Covers a wide range of application like talking, recording, listening to music


  • Not good for high range audio frequency
  • Not so versatile

7. Plantronics Explorer 50 Bluetooth Headset

Plantronics Explorer 50 Bluetooth Headset - Retail...

Again with Plantronics. You may think that we want to review their most but that’s not true. Basically, their products are good enough for truck drivers, bus drivers, and retail workers. At the same time, these particular models are praised by many reviewers. That’s why we pick their headset on our list.

Plantronics Explorer 50 Bluetooth Headset is a Bluetooth device. This wireless headset good for mobile calls, hearing music. It also helps you to get GPS directions when you are on driving. This is really an amazing feature for a driver if he is a newbie. They can connect to Bluetooth within the device very easily.

This headset features noise reduction which is their own invention. It provides a clear and smooth sound. Besides, it is very lightweight also. Therefore, you can wear it all day. It can standby the whole day with just a single charge. Make them in your collections.



  • Excellent Bluetooth headset for mobile calls, listening to music
  • It gives GPS directions which is a great feature for truck drivers
  • easily connect to Bluetooth within all the nearby device
  • features Plantronics technology to provide noise reduction
  • Lightweight and comfortable enough, good battery lifetime


  • Not better for workouts
  • Lack of stylish look

8. Mpow EM1 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Mpow EM1 Bluetooth Earpiece, V4.1 Wireless Headphones,...

These are the last products from Mpow on our list. From all the products we describe, it the smallest one. It has the smallest and lightest Bluetooth earpiece which is very appealing. Its weight is only 0.1oz that means 3g. Mpow EM1 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones are treated as the best headsets for truck drivers, bus drivers or any drivers.

Mpow EM1 Bluetooth Wireless Headphone is designed with ergonomically smallest Bluetooth earpiece. Therefore, it is very stylish and attractive to customers. It has 3 types of different sized earplugs. It ensures great sung fit in any ear. The EDR technology of this headset helps to enhance connection speed along with range.

It can be paired up to 33 feet from Bluetooth devices. You can able to connect 2 mobile phones at a time. This is great flexibility for a busy professional. However, Mpow gives 45 days money returns warranty if you get them not so much supportive. Our suggestion is to use them for a while and take a decision.


  • Features smallest and lightest Bluetooth earpiece for amazing flexibility
  • So lightweight such as weight is only 0.1oz means 3 gram
  • small enough, easier to operate and use just a single touch
  • earplugs ensure a perfect and great sung fit in almost every ear
  • comes with EDR Technology to enhance Bluetooth range and connection


  • noise reduction quality may vary to place


9. Kissral Wireless Sport Earbud HD Microphone Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth Headphone, Kissral Wireless Sport Earbud 8...

Kissral Wireless Sport Earbud HD Microphone Bluetooth Headset is a headset that comes with a long battery. This Bluetooth headset is built-in with a 65mAh lithium battery. It offers up to 8 hours of continuous hearing time. It is the most important feature for a truck driver.

Kissral Wireless Bluetooth Headset is an in-ear headset. It offers a snug and secure fit with proper comfort. It will not cause ear swelling. Therefore, drivers or other users can get a bother free hearing experience. It will let them drive or work their tasks attentively.

All others, it has a good noise reduction quality. But it has the only earbuds. Someone gets it an advantage and others take it as a disadvantage. The choice is yours.


  • Features a built-in 65mAh lithium battery for long time service
  • very lightweight and comfortable enough to wear
  • comes with new in-ear design and snug and secure fit
  • not cause ear swelling which may bother
  • big button to operate easily


  • Only one earbud
  • Not for heavy workout time


10. Sennheiser SD Pro 1

Sennheiser SD Pro 1 (506007) - Single-Sided Dual...

We finish our reviews with this great product of Sennheiser. This model comes with enhanced flexibility and more comfort. Sennheiser SD Pro 1 is designed for especially business professionals. At the same time, who are communicating with a desk phone and too much busy while working get the best support from this headset. For its good features, it is suitable enough for truck drivers.

Sennheiser SD Pro 1 features dual connectivity. It can switch from desk phone to PC. Just with a touch, you can operate this headset. This feature is good enough for a truck driver as they are so busy. It has an ultra-noise canceling microphone. It can filter out background noise but in a loud environment, the sound may fall.

But to be very honest, this headset is not good for regular use. The durability of this headset isn’t up to the mark.


  • Allows enhanced flexibility in any place
  • designed for business professionals who are too busy
  • features dual connectivity to switch
  • comes with an ultra-noise-canceling microphone
  • features active guard technology for hearing protection


  • Limited color variation


Criteria to choose the best Bluetooth headsets for truckers 2020

The most important features for a truck driver are described below. It will help anyone to get the best one within a short time.

sound quality

a trucker can enjoy his long journey with a headset that delivers proper sound. A headphone with good sound quality can easily lit up his mood. Most of the time, truckers are passed in such an area where network coverage is low. Poor sound quality adds extra bother to them. So, they need to pick a headset with excellent sound quality. It is really dumping up the overall quality of the headphone.

Noise-canceling truckers always go to a noisy place, they want an enjoyable moment by hearing music. When you are getting lost in the music, you don’t want to get interrupted by the surrounding noise. This is the main reason why you need to purchase a headphone capable of noise reduction. This type of headphone can cancel all the unwanted noise as much as possible.

Battery life

It is very much important and sometimes a crying need for the truckers. The best Bluetooth headset for truckers should need a more powerful battery. It can make them tensionless for a good amount of time. It also makes them happy by hearing long-time music. With a single charge the more the headphone runs, the more a trucker enjoys his music. So, it is very necessary for them. Read the product description to get the charge


As a truck driver goes for a long trip, they need a long-lasting Bluetooth headset. While they talking if the wire break or the parts may fall down, they don’t get enough chance to take a new one or repair it.

So, it is a mandatory factor to consider when you choose the best Bluetooth headsets for truckers. If you want to gift someone, get a headphone with the above criteria. It will help you to pick the best one. The best Bluetooth headsets for truckers can be found easily from our review.


best Bluetooth Headsets for Truckers 2019 Bestseller list:

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