best headphones for tweens

Today, anywhere you go, you love to listen to music. And if you have tweens or teens, they must listen lots of music. So, definitely they need a good headphones. On the other hand, excessive hearing of music can cause loss of hearing. That’s why you should pick the best headphones for tweens.

In this list, we include the top ten best headphones for tweens. Read them thoroughly to choose the best one for you.

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ANC (Anti-noise control)

This is the most sensational feature which is looking by the customer. This feature ensures the safety of ear hearing capability. Headphones with this incredible technology can restrict noise. That’s why you can enjoy crystal clear audio with the proper protection. So, you should remember this feature.


Comfort is the feature which is an undoubted option as any customer demand. If you hear music all day, hard earbuds may create pain. That’s why soft and cushion headphone with soft earbuds is an important feature for teens and tweens.


It should also consider how you can connect your device with the headphone. Wireless connectivity is the most preferable one. It keeps you away from hassle. It also minimizes the problem of tangling. It causes to break the wire easily. So, try to pick a wireless headphone.

Top 10 best headphones for tweens and teens 2020

1. Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3 best noise cancelling headphones

Sony is the most popular brand throughout the world. They have produced such type of electrical products that there is nothing to describe you’re their quality and features. We pick this Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3 for its amazing quality and functionality. You will get this headphone super flexible to use.

This headphone features digital noise canceling. It gives a personalized along with a virtual soundproof experience. With a voice assistant, you can enable voice access to music. With just a simple touch, it is activated. You can also adjust the sound which is ambient. It helps you to get the best noise cancellation.

This headphone for tweens is a premium headphone with 30 hours battery life. Overall, it is great flexibility to use this headphone. With a single charge, you can enjoy the whole day. However, it is comfortable to wear and carry. But there is the insufficient color option of this headphone. And the price rate is a little bit high. Without these, it is a great noise-canceling headphone for tweens.

  • The amazing noise-canceling system with virtually soundproof experience
  • Fast charging system and battery life up to 30hrs on a single charge
  • Voice assistant, music track and volume controlled very easily
  • Sound quality amazingly clear for any place like home, airplane or any workplace
  • Fully foldable and more easy for traveling

  • Limited color edition
  • Price is a little bit high

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2.Mpow 059 Bluetooth headphones best budget headphones for tweens

Mpow M059 Bluetooth headphone is one of the best headphones for tweens. It comes with impressive sound quality and ear cushioned design. This headphone provides an amazing hearing experience with its user-friendly features and functionality. It helps to last comfort for a long time in hearing.

Mpow 059 Bluetooth headphone has passive noise isolating capability. That, why a user can enjoy a smooth and clear sound quality. This headphone allows NOT active noise cancellation which denotes by ANC. It means it can’t cancel complete noise. But it can assure that there is no damage to the sound.  The headphones are built with closed-back design. It can provide immersive sound quality.

Actually, this headphone is designed with a view to giving the best user experience. You can fold it, carry anywhere. With cushion earbud, it gives a long-time comfort. You can use it for a long time as the battery of it has 20hr working capability with just a single charge. So, pick this amazing one and enjoy your time.

  • Comes with around-ear cushioned design to provide a well-closed hearing environment
  • They are built to offer the best comfort for a long time
  • Features memory-protein cushion for ensuring lasting comfort
  • Enjoy foldable design and portability in all situations

  • Size may vary


3.Riwbox-WB5 Wireless Foldable Headphone

Riwbox-WB5 Wireless Foldable Headphone is a very popular headphone for the tweens. With volume-optimized sound quality and balanced performance, this headphone is a great choice for any age and any profession. It is built to keep you stay in comfort. Let’s see detail about this headphone.

Riwbox-WB5 Wireless Foldable Headphone has memory-protein ear cushion. It can help to ensure long-time comfort. It also simulates human skin texture. It has perfect cover ears. It can isolate the sound from the outside world. Besides, it can also offer you a long time comfortable music, movie or any other audio experience.

However, this headphone has some bad sides also. It is not an ideal headphone for jogging time. Like frequent workouts and other frequent movements, it is not a good option. But you can use it with some care as it has the foldable design to carry. But, overall it is super comfortable and excellent in sound would be the best wireless headphones for tweens.

  • Volume optimized headphone offers balanced and soft hearing experience
  • Helps to better enjoyment with music while you are on the journey
  • Both wired as well as wireless and compatible with any audio devices
  • Features high-quality microphone which is built-in
  •  Provides stable and quick connection with any audio devices

  • Cannot connect with multiple devices at a time
  • Not ideal for jogging or any workout


4. Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case best wireless earbuds for tweens

Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case is an amazing headphone built by Apple Company. It is an excellent company that people all over the world know about their products and their quality. This headphone also has such a type of capability to meet up the customer needs. It can automatically on and automatically connected to the nearest device.

Apple AirPods is easy to setup. You can use it for all Apple devices very much easily. It is very easy to use this headphone. You can play the audio or can skip forward by double-tapping the device. The chip of this headphone offers an amazing faster wireless connection capacity. With a case, it can be quickly charged.

With this amazing headphone, you can enjoy smooth, clear and high-quality sound. Definitely you like them for their sleek and attractive design. With its seamless switching ability, there is no doubt about the quality. But you have to pay a high amount to pick it.  It would be the best wireless earbuds for tweens.

  • Easy setup system for all Apple devices with quick charging
  • Offers the faster wireless connection to any of the Apple audio devices
  • Delivers high, smooth and clear audio, music and voice
  • Easy to use, carry and enjoy every second of the audio
  • Good for tweens, teens, and kids also

  • Noise cancellation should be better
  • Price is a little bit high


5. Beats Studio3 Wireless Noise Cancelling best over-ear headphones for tweens

If you are looking for the best headphones for tweens this one can a good option for you. It comes with a pure and smooth, adaptive noise canceling system to offer the best audio experience to its user. By this feature, it can actively block the external noise. Beats Studio3 Wireless headphone is a premium headphone for all teens and tweens.

It has real-time audio calibration. It can offer an amazing listening experience. With a full battery charge, you can enjoy 22 hours of listening time. It enables an excellent full-featured playback for all day long. It is capable to connect with Bluetooth quickly. You can enjoy 3 hours of music with a single 10 minutes charge.

With this amazing headphone, you get remote talk cable and universal USB charging cable. These things help to connect or transfer and audio. Bu using the quick start guide, you can easily set up the headphone. Though its price is high, we think you can use this headphone for a long time. Thus, your money worth the price.

  • Comes with pure adaptive noise canceling ability to block noise
  • Build with real-time Audio calibration which is really amazing
  • It can offer a high quality, noise-free and premium listening experience
  • Deliver up to 22 hours battery life in all-day playback
  • Can be connected to any audio device by wireless Bluetooth connectivity

  • Price is too much high

6. TOZO T10 Best wireless earbuds for teens

Best headphones for teens have some specific features. This headphone has most of the features that it needs to have. TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones have the most advanced and powerful Bluetooth 5 technology. It can offer in-call stereo sound quality.

TOZO T10 gives a truly natural and clear listening experience. Its authentic sound keeps your every second rocking. As it has powerful bass performance, in full crowd there is no problem to listen to music and enjoy your time. The audio effects are greatly observed by this headphone. It can connect automatically with Bluetooth.

In nutshell, this headphone is really recommended. It is totally waterproof so that you can enjoy in wet situations also. Its design is foldable and the setup procedure is so easy. Pick this one and let us know about your experience in the comment section.

  • Designed with the advanced and quick Bluetooth 5. 0 technology
  • Provides in-call smooth, clear and noise-free sound
  • Offers fast as well as stable transmission without any tangling
  • You can enjoy the natural sound with powerful bass performance
  • It is waterproof, foldable and easy to setup

  • Not so good for working out time
  • Limited color option

7. Bluphonic Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

We continue our writing with this famous headphone which has an amazing sound quality and many user-friendly features. It is built with revolutionary Silent ComfortX noise reduction technology. Bluphonic Bluetooth Wireless Headphones have some adaptive capability to control your smooth hearing experience if it may rise so loud. It has soft memory foam earbud to offer the whole day comfort.<