best headphone for toddlers 2019

Looking for the best headphones for toddlers in 2020? In these guides, you can find out the best headphones for toddlers. The headphone is a daily-use element as most of us like to hear music, play video games and watch movies. For keep anyone full in enjoyment, music is a must. And most of the kids love to listen to music and play video games. To prevent permanent hearing loss, there are some certain cautions that we should follow. But the problem is, there are tons of headphones in the market which may make you confuse which is the best headphones for toddlers 2019.

Buying Guides for the Best headphone for toddlers 2020

It is better to know about which features are very much important for choosing the best headphones for kids. Now, in this portion of our writing, we describe shortly about the criteria that you should look for. 

Compatibility It is a core factor of a headphone to be compatible with most of the audio devices. It lets you enjoy music or audio with any device. It is important because there are lots of audio devices that we use daily. If you have a concern about which type of headphone you use, it will become a great issue. So, make sure that your headphone is compatible with all other audio devices.

Form factor you should care for the form factor of a headphone when you are new in buying a headphone.  There are three types of headphones available in the market. On-ear headphone, in-ear headphones, and over-ear headphones. In-ear headphone passes the sound directly into your ear canal, over-ear headphone pass-through sound to the outside and on-ear headphone makes the combination of the above types.

Design: The design of a headphone is also very much important for choosing the best headphone for kids. If you are very conscious about the look of your headphone, the design must be considered. There are two types of designs in the headphone. Closed-back or open back. The closed-back headphone doesn’t allow outside sound to hear. It keeps outside noise outside and inside sound inside. Open back headphone allows the flow of sound ins and outs. Both types of headphones have advantages and disadvantages.


Top 10 best headphones for toddlers 2020

1.puro sound labs bt2200 premium kids headphones

Puro sound Labs BT2200 Kids headphone is one of the top choice headphones for toddlers. This headphone is specially designed for kids. It is capable of protecting ears from excessive noise. It helps in developing earbuds. It can keep the volume limited to 85dB. And it is known from a specialist that, this limit of sound is safe for listening per would be the best noise-canceling headphones for toddlers.

This headphone has an ultra-lightweight design. What do you think about this feature? Basically, this feature doesn’t sacrifice the quality but makes it easy to use. It is designed with a view to offering comfort and flexibility in mind. The lightweight design adds extra comfort for hearing a song as it doesn’t make any extra burden on the kid’s ear.

This brand has a view to protecting the new generation from loss of hearing. For keeping your kid safe, you should make a try with this headphone. You can become relaxed while your children use this headphone.

  • keeps volume limited to help to prevent hearing loss
  • makes with ultra-lightweight design along with an adjustable headband
  • provides a smooth audio environment with 82% ambient noise isolation
  • can be used in anywhere up to 18 hours of playtime and 200 hours of standby on a single charge
  • it is very easy to use and pairing with Android, iPhone and other devices

  • Price is a little bit high

2.Puro Sound Labs JuniorJams 

If you are searching for a headphone that is made of non-toxic materials, it is best for you. Everybody tries to keep their children safe and secure. To prevent harmful as well as a potential danger, you can definitely buy Puro Sound Labs JuniorJams On-Ear Headphones headphones for your kids.

Puro Sound Labs JuniorJams On-Ear Headphones are very much durable. That’s why it offers a long-lasting using experience. It has an adjustable headband. It allows kids to rough play at anywhere. There are choke-free as well as the stumble-free wireless mode in this headphone. These features help to prevent injury-causing by entanglement.and it would be the best wireless headphones for toddlers

This headphone can pair with any audio device like Android, iPhone, tablet, PC, etc. it is easily folded for flexible using. It also takes care of your toddlers if they want to listen to a song for a long time.

  • made of non-toxic elements to prevent allergy and potential danger
  • made with durable, adjustable headband to allow flexible use of kids
  • wireless mode helps to prevent injury by various entanglement
  • 5 mm thick cable can easily pair with any audio device and computers
  • comes with an amazing lab-tested volume limiter to control sound for kids

  • Nice but may not work in regular use

3.Kidz Gear Wired Headphones for Kids 

Kidz Gear Wired Headphones for Kids is an awesome device to hear any kind of audio with any other audio device. It has a 100 percent satisfaction guaranty which indicates how much quality it offers. It has also lifetime limited warranty which is really an amazing feature when you are looking for the best toddler’s headphones.

This headphone can be used for any audio device. Like iPhone, Android, tablet and any other compatible audio devices, you can enjoy the amazing sound quality. The effect of songs can be observed properly by this headphone. The custom designs of this headphone make them excellent for both use and carry.

Purchase this lightweight and comfortable headphones for toddlers. The independent Volume Limit Cable helps to prevent higher audio sounds.

  • it has 100% satisfaction guaranteed and lifetime limited warranty which is amazing
  • can be used for iPhone, Android, and any other compatible audio devices
  • Custom designed fit make them excellent for both use and carry
  • Lightweight and comfortable headphone for kids of different ages
  • independent Volume Limit Cable assists to prevent higher audio sounds

  • may face problem in sizing
  • not good at traveling

4.LilGadgets Untangled PRO Kids Premium Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Now I describe the high quality and wireless headphones that are specially designed for toddlers. The size of this headphone is suitable for kids of age to move than 4 years. LilGadgets Untangled PRO Kids Premium Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are compatible with any nearby Bluetooth devices.

This headphone has six wonderful and attractive colors. Therefore, you can take any of them for your kids. There is a “SharePort” in this headphone. This feature allows being connected wirelessly with one headphone. It keeps outside noise outer from your kids.

This headphone is specially designed for kids. It has all the quality to be safe and easy for using. Collect them for your kids and keep them away from loss of would be the best noise-canceling headphones for toddlers

  • High quality, lightweight and wireless protected headphones
  • Covered with special design and soft-touch breathable mesh material
  • The headphone comes with 100% LilGadgets Satisfaction Guarantee
  • USB charging cable included with headphone
  • Minimize the environmental impact through waste reduction and water cleaning project

  • All types are not foldable

5.LilGadgets Kids Premium Volume Limited Wired Headphones 

This is the second headphone from the brand LilGadgets. This premium headphone is very much suitable for boys and girls. The LilGadgets Kids Premium Volume Limited Wired Headphones has its own LilGadgets Audio Cable. It is their special cable which is built with premium nylon.

The headphone comes with a good in-line microphone. There is a standard 3.5mm audio jack at both ends. The maximum volume of this headphone is 93 DB. It keeps the protection of your kid’s ears. It can also be used for adults as it has adult worthy drivers.

These headphones are comfortable and light for toddlers. With proper durability and flexibility, your kid can enjoy all the day with the favorite music or audio.

  • Made of premium nylon with standard audio jack at both ends
  • Can control the higher volume to 93db to protect the ear
  • Very much durable, comfortable and lightweight, designed for kids
  • Has extra protection for kids of age 2-7
  • Helps to remove the environmental impact by carbon offsets

  • The sound should be better
  • Not for frequent use

6.JVC HAKD6Y Toddlers   Headphones 

If you are looking for some fun design which may attract your kid, this JVC HAKD6Y Kidsphone Headphone is for your kids. It has a 3.5mm stereo mini-plug. This headphone can take control over the volume. Your kid can not raise the sound over the maximum sound. Thus, it can protect the ear from the loss of hearing for excessive sound.

The headphone has wired connectivity technology. You can connect with any audio device by this headphone. Its especial JVC Tinyphones are perfect for children. The fun design makes it a popular one. It is available in different colors.  You also like the price of them because they are very cheap to afford.

  • Comes with nice and thick headband and comfortable earpads
  • Can be limited the sound to protect hearing to 85db
  • Made of fun designs for kids and available in various colors
  • Proper protection for children ears and easy for them to use
  • Wired connectivity technology helps to use it easily and quickly

  • Not ideal for plane

7.ifrogz little rockers headphones reviews

This stylish and colorful headphone is one of the best kid-friendly headphones. iFrogz Little Rockers Costume Headphones is a built-in governor design. It doesn’t allow your kids to play music or any other audio over 85 decibels. Isn’t it a great feature to keep you tension-free? We think it definitely makes your kid safe.

iFrogz Little Rockers Costume Headphones come with some fun costume options. These options can be suitable for both boys and girls. It is the nature of all kids that they want to choose anything which fits best with their personality. They are convenient in use. Your adorable kids can enjoy their whole day with a lot of happiness with this headphone.

  • Kid-friendly headphones and build with extra care for protection
  • Don’t allow to play music or any kind of audio over 85 decibels
  • Comes with fun costume designs to attract both boys and girls
  • Clear sounds with 30mm drivers for enjoying games, songs, and movies
  • The 2-meter long cable which is plenty of length for children

  • Sound may flimsy
  • Not waterproof



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8.FSL Protec Kids Headphones with Adjustable Volume Limiting

 This headphone is a top choice for kids because of its unique features and great quality. It is built in a way to handle the issue of safety for kids. It can control the volume levels which can be a harmful side for children.  On the other hand, it has some flexibility in use which makes it good for kids.

The headphone has a childproof dial. It lets your kid adjust the volume. I think it is a very attractive feature.  It has three different levels to help in volume adjustment. For safe volume, there is a settings option. For young children, the lowest setting can be 84db. You can increase the volume to 94db if you want this for 10 years of kids.


  • a unique way to handle the issue of safety and protection
  • Keep the volume levels limited which is safe for children
  • Lightweight, durable and comfortable for different age of kids
  • The versatility of these headphones attracts you the most at first glance

  • Not for kids below 2 age


9.Griffin Volume-Limiting Monkey Kazoo MyPhones Headphones – Over The Ear Headphones for Toddlers

Griffin Volume-Limiting Monkey Kazoo MyPhones Headphones are designed with a monkey look. Look! This is the best part of this headphone. Most of the time, it is seen that kids like those things which are different and colorful. Basically, they love an animal like a monkey. This fun animal-themed headphone also comes with more attractive features.

It is an over-the-ear headphone. And most of the kids like this type of headphone. And if you belong to a stylish kid, there is no doubt about this. The design of this headphone doesn’t allow us to enter anything to the ear canal.

  • Fun animal-themed headphones which are stylish for kids
  • Made of over-the-ear design which hinders to enter any outside noise
  • While using, nothing enters into the ear canal without the preferred audio
  • Can limit the volume by volume circuitry protections for young ears
  • Very much affordable to collect any time

  • Price is so high
  • Not so durable

10.LilGadgets Connect+ Premium Volume Limited Wired Headphones

LilGadgets Connect+ Premium Volume Limited Wired Headphones For Kids is the last headphone we reviewed. But there is no scope to think that they are the worst. Basically, these headphones have such quality to fulfill your all requirements. Its soft head foams should be got an award. Because they are just amazing.

There are plenty of colors to choose from. You can pick any one of them. It has volume-limiting options to offer protection. They are durable and comes with features to keep sound inside. With the soft earpads, this headphone can offer comfortable use in many situations.

  • Design in view to getting proper sound quality with ear protection
  • Earpads are soft as they make with a giant block of foam
  • comes with few of headphone drivers to keep sound stuck inside
  • Has plenty of colors for a stylish and colorful choice
  • Can keep volume-limited which is super comfortable for hearing

  • Sometimes looks strange


conclusion Last but not least, it is very obvious that our kids do some fun with various kinds of toys and objects. The headphone is one of them as nowadays video games are very much popular. But excessive sound can cause many ear problems like loss of hearing. That’s why all moms and dads should be very careful about all the things that their kids use. Hope our writing helps you in searching for the best headphone for toddlers.



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