Top 10 Best outdoor light bulb security camera reviews 2020

Now-a-days security is the main concern for any home, office or place. Security issue takes great importance in our day to day life as there are different types of occurrence are happing daily. To keep your home or office under your control, there are lots of security cameras. These cameras can definitely monitor your whole home or office.

To keep you easy to get the best outdoor light bulb Security camera reviews.this article is written. Here we are trying our best to describe these best outdoor light bulb security cameras. If you read thoroughly this article, hopefully, you will get the best one for your home.

Buying guides for the best outdoor bulb security camera reviews 2020

The features that indicate the best outdoor bulb camera are briefly described here. These features help you to collect the best one.


It comes very first on our mind about how we connect our camera with the desired device. That means connectivity is a great consideration when you want to purchase any security camera. Most of the modern outdoor camera is nowadays operated by wifi. So, it needs to locate near the router to get internet access. You can operate the camera situated in your home. But the bad side of this feature is when you lose the wifi connection or any load shedding occurs, you will fail to operate the camera.

Power supply

It is an obvious thing that proper power supply ensures live streaming perfectly. So, you need to know about how much power it needs to operate the camera. It is also an important fact to consider how the power source is connected. Most of the camera uses a plug-in power source. That doesn’t mean you cannot spot it anywhere. Just you need to consider the area of your outlet.


Most of the security cameras are used by Android phones or IOS devices. Through an app, it is connected to the device. Some of are used web app. So it is necessary to know which app the camera used to operate.  The interface of the app is pretty much necessary to ensure easy operation of the camera.


Finally, it is our suggestion to keep monitoring your office or home to get a more secure life. You can think it is an extra hassle to monitor this camera, but for further investigation, it will help you for sure.

Top 10 Best outdoor light bulb security camera reviews 2020

1.   Bulb TUPEYA Light Camera

If you are looking for the best outdoor light bulb camera, then this bulb camera is perfect for you. It is a full HD camera with 1920*1080 resolution. This light bulb camera comes with bright and colorful Image quality in daytime and night vision. Bulb TUPEYA Light Camera is so much popular for its amazing picture quality and functionality.

This camera has night vision capturing quality. It covers up to 32 feet in deep darkness. Without light pollution, you can take a clear image even there is no light and the place is in total darkness. It has motion detection capability. It runs with the support of a micro SD card. With the amazing remote control feature, this camera is very much easy to use.

Even if you want to connect with any wifi device, there also have such flexibility. We think it is amazing. You can go live streaming with this excellent camera. Using any smartphone like android mobile, iPhone or iPad; you can get access to this camera.


  • Feature 1920*1080P full HD colorful image at day and night vision mood with the clear image
  • Sync alarms push in the smartphone from 360EYES APP and can be controlled by remote
  • Motion detection works under the support of a Micro SD card
  • Support 128GB memory card and record 24/7 continuously
  • Can be connected to WIFI and stream accessed via Android/iPhone/ iPad or Windows PC


  • No color variation
  • Fps advantage low

2. LUWATT Panoramic Light Bulb Camera with 360 Degree Smart WiFi

LUWATT Panoramic Light Bulb Camera is great for a wide view angle. It is a wireless camera that comes up with a 360-degree lens viewing angle. With 1080P HD resolution, this camera is so much supporting the various user-friendly feature. It is easy to install and setup with the app.

It has 5 different viewing modes which are very helpful to capture different types of pictures. It has motion detection capability. It can create a notification to the connected smartphone. When any motion is detected, you can easily be notified by this camera. You can also be notified if you missed any moment by playback motion alert.

This camera can be directly used by the amazing house ceiling. No need to do more hassle and time. You just need to install this camera on the house ceiling. It is compatible with IOS, Android phone or any Windows computer. This CE & FCC certified camera is one of the best outdoor light bulb cameras. You should make a try if you don’t use it yet.


  • 360 panoramic remote light camera with motion detection
  • Night vision mood available and WIFI security camera with 1080P video quality
  • Can be directly installed on the house ceiling and APP setup
  • Can be used in IOS/Android phone/Windows PC and support micro SD card up to 128GB
  • Loop video recording and bulb monitoring with white LED



  • Limited color collection

3. Kuna Maximus Video Security Camera

Kuna Maximus Video Security Camera is a great monitoring outdoor camera. It is a smart and powerful home security camera. It comes with a stylish outdoor light. The light can detect any motion perfectly at an instance. It will allow you to interact with outside people. So you can get more flexibility to use this camera.

This camera has a security device. It includes HD live so that you can get a clear video quality. It records the videos for further uses. It has a two-way intercom. The alarm and smart motion detection of this camera are great for ensuring security. It can alert you through your phone and any connected device.

By using this camera you can be more protected and feel safe. All-time you get HD live with 720 resolution. This camera delivers a wide-angle view. It has a 100db alarm siren which can aware of if there is anything detected by the camera. It has a 1-year warranty so pick this camera and enjoy a safe and secure life. 


  • HD live and recorded video and alarm system is available
  • Motion detection alert to phone and two-way intercom system
  • Continuous protection around the clock and take a short time installation
  • 720P wide-angle camera and smart light control
  • A stylish outdoor security camera with 100dB siren alarm and have a 1-year warranty



  • Cost-effective
  • Insufficient color variation

4. Sengled Smart Flood Light Camera Outdoor Security Camera

If you looking for a wireless outdoor light bulb camera, this one is perfect for you. Sengled Smart Flood Light Camera Outdoor Security Camera is great in protection and feature. It has an adjustable angle and easily screws in. no wire is needed to connect with this camera. With 360 degrees adjustable rotating head, it can cover the whole area where it placed.

This amazing outdoor security camera can ensure that you can monitor any angle that you want to see. It features a full HD 1080p resolution. It also features a full-color night vision. You can monitor your home for 24 hours. It can provide clear night live streaming by the infrared night vision capability.

The camera has motion-activated alerts capability. It can detect if there are any unfamiliar objects. It has an amazing feature which is person detection. That means you can know which people have come to your home and who are going out. With remote monitoring, you can become more safe and aware of the visitors to your house.



  • Very easily screwing and 360-degree adjustable rotating head and lamp holder
  • Rotate in any angle for monitoring
  • 140 degree wide-angle in 1080Pfull HD live streaming with IR night vision
  • Motion detected and can be created and customize to focus the most important area
  • Two-way audio and remote monitoring system available



  • No color variation

5. Security Camera – RCA Flood Light Camera for Live Home Security Monitoring

If you are searching for an outdoor security camera with perfect lighting, this camera can be a great option for you. With crystal-clear as well as 1080p HD video, this one is amazing for any house, office or school security. RCA Flood Light Camera for Live Home Security Monitoring is full of features and quality. Let see about details of this outdoor camera.

RCA Flood Light Camera for Live Home Security Monitoring has a smart motion sensor. It can simultaneously trigger an ultra-bright light to capture clear recording. It can send you an alarm if there are any unfamiliar matters. Thus, it can keep your house as well as you were more protective than others.

You can easily connect to your device with a wireless connection. It has motion and remote-activated alarm. The alarm is a 110-decibel alarm. Enjoy a safe and protective life with the multiple zone coverage of this camera.


  • 4 GHz WIFI network camera with HD live streaming and motion sensor activated
  • Siren alarm and two-way audio system available
  • Can be used for business or professional purposes
  • 3000k 2500LM with ultra-bright motion and remote activated in 110-decibel alarm
  • RCA security app used and additional security for multiple zone coverage


  • Software update needed
  • Not so attractive

6. 48 LED Illuminator Light CCTV IR Infrared Night Vision Lamp for Security Camera

We continue our writing with this one as it has that much quality to meet up the customer demands. This 48 LED Illuminator Light CCTV IR Infrared Night Vision Lamp for Security Camera is super for outdoor and indoor security. It can illuminate up to 100feet and can cover up the whole area with rotation capturing.

It is a weatherproof light camera for both outdoor and indoor use. As it is waterproof, there is no concern if it is a rainy season or not. It can illuminate the whole area like a flashlight. So, at night you can get vision capable equipment that lets you get clear video. It can work with all night CCTV cameras.

However, this camera has some disadvantages also. Sometimes, it needs more power supply. And there is no color variation of this outdoor camera.


  • Illuminate available above 100ft
  • LED light CCTV IR security camera with night vision mood
  • In dark power on automatically and over 1000000hrs of a lifetime
  • Can be used for business or professional purpose
  • 12V DC power supply and weatherproof for indoor or outdoor  


  • No color variation

7. Sheenwang Security Light Bulb Camera/WiFi Indoor Security Camera Light Bulb

Sheenwang Security Light Bulb Camera is a wide-angle camera that gives 360 clear views. It features a panoramic lens to provide you an amazing view. Your office, home or apartment can be more secure and under your control. Using the app, you can easily operate and control this outdoor bulb camera.

Sheenwang Security Light Bulb Camera offers an outstanding night vision mood. There is an inner LED light on this camera. Automatically, it will turn on if any people are standing there at night. So, you can easily detect the people coming to our home or office. The wide-angle lens has a contract security camera which is 6 layers.

The setup of this camera is so easy. You can do it within a few minutes by following the instruction manual. This camera provides the perfect balance of file size and image quality. Purchase this camera for your safety.


  • 360-degree view with a panoramic lens with some camera bulb
  • Open or close light through app
  • Special lens used to increase the sharpness of the image
  • Night vision worked very clearly and wifi setup is very easy to use
  • App installation is very easy and easy to use



  • App installation takes more time
  • No color variation

8. IDS Full HD 1080P Home WiFi Camera

If you are looking for a camera with a 360-degree panoramic view, IDS Full HD 1080P Home WiFi Camera is a good option for you. Without blind the area, this camera provides a great viewing angle. It is built with a 1.44mm fish-eye lens which gives clear and transparent video.

This camera cover up to 400 square foot. You can control your whole room or house yard with this single 1 camera. So, your cost for cameras can be minimized if you use this one. This camera has a smart motion alarm. It alerts you about any motion. There is an intelligent AI mode to detect unfamiliar objects or persons.

This camera is only compatible with 2.4GHz WiFi. That’s why make sure that your phone can connect to 2.4GHz WiFi as well as your router also. 


  • Clear night vision with full HD 1080P worked properly
  • Infrared LED and HD lens available and provide colorful day & night vision
  • Can be used micro SD card (8GB-128GB)
  • Special for baby monitoring and AI mood is available
  • For artificial intelligence, it works properly and safely



  • Small distance WiFi connection
  • Not professional

9. Wireless Surveillance System Indoor Light Bulb IP Camera

This one is a multipurpose camera with a bright light bulb camera. This camera has much usefulness. It can be used for indoor system, public event monitor, office security camera, baby monitor camera and many more.

This wireless camera has an ultra-responsive speaker. It allows you to talk and listen. Using this camera, you can monitor your house, home or any desired place 24/7. It offers you a real-time security monitoring. Through the app, you can operate and control it.

The installation process is so easy and user-friendly. You can see 5 people at the same time online. We think it gives you a warm feeling of connecting to your friends and family.


  • Multipurpose like indoor or outdoor, baby monitoring, office camera, etc.
  • Fully professional usable camera with microphone
  • Motion detection and alarm function work properly and give 24 hours direction
  • Multiple platforms for watching from mobile app or computer operating software
  • For no drilling and wiring, it’s so easy to install


  • Cost-effective

10. JBonest 1080P WiFi Camera Light Bulb

JBonest 1080P WiFi Camera Light Bulb is the last one that we want to include our list for the best outdoor bulb camera. This is an excellent camera with proper security and controlling system.

It allows wireless connection to connect with other devices. It supports 2.4G wifi connection with an adjustable light bulb. Through an app, you can easily set up the camera. You can use this camera as a bulb light. The brightness of this camera is adjustable.

This camera works very well in the night mood. With the motion detections, it can keep proper guard for your home and house. It is easy to set up and control through the app. It will keep you safe and secured in your daily life.



  • Full wireless connection with 2.4GHz WiFi and monitoring by using the app
  • Also, use as a bulb with proper brightness and also control by app
  • Night vision mood available worked it clearly
  • Used 2 infrared light for better night vision and take clear image and video
  • Two-way audio system available and this camera can be used for baby monitoring



  • Installation takes more time
  • Less bandwidth

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