Fix call ended problem on android 2019 | Jio , Airtel Xiaomi

Are you looking for how to fix call ended problem on android. In this guide I show you how to fix call ended problem on android. May android user daily facing call ended problem. When they try to make a call it’s not going automatically call ended.

Call ended means It just means call ends could be a dropped connection or the other person has hung up orblost connection usually when its the other person it makes a beep noise as the call ends

Here I show you 2-way  to

How to fix call ended problem on android:

1st method:

This problem actually occurs when you are in a low network coverage area like the ground floor of the house or market. Your phone couldn’t switch quickly 4G, 3G to 2G that’s why it’s happened

For the fix, the call ended to go to setting

Then  clicks more

Tap to cellular networks

Then click preferred network type

Make it on the only 2G from auto mode

Another way to set preferred network. Dial  *#*#4636#*#*, go to phone information, and check if “Set preferred network type” is set to LTE/UMTS auto (PRL). If yes, try setting it to LTE/CDMA/UMTS (auto)

Now I hope that this method fixes your call ended problem.

2nd Method:

Sometimes it happen when your phone and dialer app cache data is full. you need to delete it manually for delete this cache

Go to setting

Go to apps

Click on the three-dot menu to show system apps

Then click phone app

Then click storage

Then click clear data

Tap ok

Same way to delete phone call management app and phone service app data.

I hope that now you fix your call ended a problem. For any kind of problem or help comment here.

you can watch the video for fix call ended problem:

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Call ended fix For Samsung users:

Go to setting

Then call setting

Then click additional setting

Change the call setting of caller id to show the number or network default.

Jio Call ended problem fix:

1st method: Reboot your phone. Sometimes reboot fix call ended problem automatically.

2nd method:  download jio 4g apps from play store. And run it. It automatically fixes network coverage issue.

3rd method: when facing call ended problem then go to setting

Then clicks more

Tap to cellular networks

Then click preferred network type

Make it on only 3G, 2G from LTE mode.

Now i hope that you fix your jio call ended problem.

xiaomi call ended problem to fix:

xiaomi call ended

2 way to fix xiaomi call ended problem

1st It’s because of VoLTE turning off automatically. Just turn on airplane mode and then turn it off. It will work. Its Jio4g problem

2nd if your Disabled outgoing caller id setting is off then you can face this problem try dialing, #31# it worked for me. It says “Disabled outgoing caller id” after a restart it works.

I hope that you fix your call ended problem with your Android phone . for any kind of help you can comment here.

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