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“google play services keeps stopping” Popping Up Solution 2019

Nowadays Android is a very popular operating system. Such as Jellybean, KitKat, lollipop, and marshmallow. But there is few bugs and limitation.

when you are trying to run a Google play store on your android phone. you are having, the problem like this “unfortunately google play services keeps stopping popping up “.Errors generally make when the Google server and the Android device are out of sync, This error of the Google Play store is simply solved. If you do, here we have some easy tips that you can try to solve the “unfortunately Google play store has stopped” problem by yourself.

Now let’s check out

unfortunately “google play services keeps stopping” problem-solution

some method to fix the error.

1. Uninstall Google  play store update:

– Tap to the menu–>settings–>apps–>all–>Google play store–> uninstall updates, and reboot your android device.

2. Delete the app data of your Google Play store:

Tap to the menu–>settings–>apps–>all–>Google play store–> delete data, then try to run your Google play again. It’s best to do a re-boot.

3. delete and  install again Google Play store:

– In few cases, delete and re-install resolve this issue. If you can’t delete Google Play, skip  away this step

4. Try to delete your Google account and log in your Google account again:

–Tap to the menu -> settings -> account delete your current Google account then log in it again here.

Once you have done the above process correctly hope that the problem “unfortunately Google play store has stopped” is solved. For any help, you may comment here.

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