How To Hack Isp Server To Increase Bandwidth

How To Hack Isp Server To Increase Bandwidth

Want to know how to hack ISP server to increase bandwidth or download and upload speed, this is a right place for you. It is possible to increase your internet connection’s speed without spending money. It is not possible to hack ISP server to increase bandwidth directly but you can hack your ISP server defaults setting from your windows.

How To Hack Isp Server To Increase Bandwidth:

At first, go to your PC and click Start menu. You can find it on your lower left side of your screen it’s for window 8.for windows 10 or 7 you can click keyboard windows button.

After clicking start menu then Type Run in the search box. Once you’ve clicked on the Start icon, look to the bottom of the window and enter Run in the search bar.

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Tap To OK on Run. After typing Run in the Start menu’s search box, you can see a program run the desktop app in the top of the window.after clicking the run program you can see a search box on run program which can ask you to type the program name.
Type GPEDIT.MSC. after typing GPEDIT.MSC then click OK. now you can see a new window labeled Local Group Policy Editor.

Find out Limit Reservable Bandwidth option. When you see the local group policy editor window is open, then you click this term one by one.

At first extended computer configuration then Administrative template then extend the network and select QoS Packets Scheduler.when you select QoS Packets Scheduler then you see Limit Reservable Bandwith right side of this window.

Enter 0%. After clicking Reservable Bandwidth window, you can see enable the option on the left-hand side of the window, enable it. You also see an option Bandwidth Limit. Enter 0 here, then click on OK to confirm.
Go to Start Menu. When you open the Start menu, you can see control panel in the right side of the menu and click on it.

How To Hack Isp Server To Increase Bandwidth

Go to Network and Sharing. When you are in the Control Panel, find out until you see Network and Sharing. And Click in here.

Click on Change Adapter Settings option. when you are in In the Network and Sharing window, you will see your basic network information. You can see the change adapter setting left the side of the window, and .click it.
Go to Local Area Connection and click on it. Then, scroll down to your mouse and find Properties option, and click here.

Go to Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPV4)Then, click on Properties.

Type the following values in the box. Click Use The Following DNS Server Addresses box. You can see tow line box one is preferred DNS server the second is Alternate DNS server. Enter in the first boxes. Then, enter in the second box.

Click OK. The click ok and close all windows and browse.

Flush your computer’s DNS cache. opening the Command Prompt program, typing in ipconfig /flushdns, and pressing ↵ Enter.

Flushing the DNS cache will help resolve any website loading errors you might run into when you next open your browser.

Restart your computer. Click Start, click Power, and click Restart.

• I hope that now you can Hack Isp Server To Increase Bandwidth and Your broadband speed will increase up to 20% faster than before.

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