Many users use the Android operating system. Recently a new version of Android 6.0 has several new features Marshmallow. The new version features a lot of hidden users may not know.

Such use of Top 10 Android Marshmallow Hidden Features that make it easier to use your smartphone.

Tap the ‘Google Now’:

Android marshmallow several features not visible. The app has the option to use a single tab, use the Google search. For example, when checking mail “Home” button in the Google search bar to hold the press.

The home screen is always OK Google:

Android home screen will Marshmallow Search options. That is, ‘OK Google’ little search options will be introduced. For example, “OK Google” to launch Facebook apps, listening to music, watching videos, including without in any direction, it will start.

File Explorer:

File Explorer, a built-in app, including the operating system. From that basic work such as copy, move, paste is possible. The file explorer has a search button. The phone or memory card, which any pictures, music, files can be searched.

Lock Screen Message:

The operating system can be seen even when the phone is locked to display notifications.

Quick settings and status bar:

Quick to change the phone’s settings and status bar for quick settings options. Any information that the giver has a chance to hide the status bar in the operating system.

Battery percentage on status bar:

How much battery status bar by swiping with a finger can be seen here. Quick Settings options Battery percentage moves swipe away.

Smart Volume Control:

When you press the volume buttons to control the volume with the volume of music and talk about the alarm volume and includes the ability to control the system. Down Arrow Touch, the status bar after the sound volume control, and other options will be displayed. Volume Controller version of Android lollipops was complaining about.

Manage app permissions:

There are a lot of Android apps to run on the phone locations, camera, microphone, etc. is required. “Manage App permissions” option which allows you to manage apps on this options and you do not allow any apps, determining there. To set the settings for the phone “Settings” button from the “apps” go to “App Name” into the “permission” from the options can be set.

Voice search from the lock screen:

Marshmallow the lock screen Google search facility. When the microphone icon on the lock screen will show the swap. This icon can be used, and Google search.

On battery saver:

‘Battery saver’ on when the batteries commonly used apps are apps that will increase performance, reduce battery life.

Hidden Game “Flappy Bird:

Flappy Bird clone, like lollipops, are also hidden in Android 5.0. This game setting from the About Phone option and Android version number, tap to be. ‘M’ icon until the tap should be. Now, if the game will come Marshmallow Long press.



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