Top 10 Linux Advantages Over Windows

linux advantages over windows

Linux is a most popular operating is widely used all over the world.Here you can find Top 10 Linux Advantages Over Windows.

  1. Linux is free:

Apple says it, we all know how things are, and software for professional level work to Apple. The cost of the Apple OS. It is expensive and upgrade the Windows OS. If you think you can see how much the cost is. However, if you switch to Linux at no additional cost to you, or if you want to over do not have to pay. Yes, it’s completely free.

  1. Easy:

That may sound like a stupid statement. Because the vehicle is too difficult to use Linux. But for those days when you are using the Linux operating system will be a computer expert. Then you will know how to use Linux. Other OS like Linux, you will offer a great user interface. It will provide you a nice OS. Then you might find that another OS’s so much fun to go forgotten.

  1. Safe:

Linux is secure. I ask that you use Windows, how to keep your computer safe is to do something. You will not be able to run Windows without an anti-virus. So you have to separate the costs are updated on a regular basis again.

On the other hand, Linux is a  virus-free operating system. This means that there is no virus, so you do not need Antivirus. So you do not have to pay separately. In this aspect better Linux.

  1. Free and open source software:

Can not be denied that you pretty much-Cracked software is not installed on the windows. It is a platform where all the useful things for free. I mean, I mean free and open source Linux software.

  1. Compatibility (Compatibility):

Ah! When an OS lower versions are upgraded to higher versions. Some software requires up gradation again later. In Linux, this is no problem. You can still use the software even 90s.

  1. Versatile (Multipurpose):

Most Popular Operating System ‘One size fits all’ benchmark moved on. When we talk about Linux, and it’s totally different. Because the more you can customize to suit your needs. For example, if you are a gamer, then you are only some of the packages install/uninstall can DJ (Disc Jockey) Linux- from the stage to the game. Such benefits are not offered in other operating systems. So why Linux is versatile.


We see that all the time, while another operating system is installed later, it takes a long time to various Driver Install. For example wifi driver, Bluetooth driver, touchpad driver, graphics card driver, audio driver and much more. However, after installing Linux to do nothing. Most drivers supported by Linux kernel. This means that you do not need to install any drivers from outside. It just so happens that Just plug n play. Even if you have a hardware problem can fix it easily in Linux.

  1. Regular updates on Linux:

Software upgrades you do not have to wait for a year or eighteen months. And in the meantime, the update your operating system, fix everything. Yes, Linux is updated every 6 months. You too low for a particular package, including a short update and getting regular updates. Moreover, in all cases, you do not need to Restart your machine.

9.Linux Store:

Well, you do not have any special stores like the App Store or Android store or Windows store from which to buy a professional version of the software. Linux has its own stores, where everything is free. The new updates will automatically update the system According to the Linux compatibility.

  1. Support the Linux community:

Linux community Linux probably the best thing to see. You are never alone. The Linux user, have everyone with you. Linux forum where you will find the solution to any problem. If you can fix the problem, then you can contribute to it by sharing the solution. Support of this kind is still missing in another operating system.

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